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Probate and Intestacy




If a loved one has passed away and possessed a Last Will and Testament (or if a loved one has passed away without having a Will - also known as Intestate), you should consider hiring an attorney to help you with this process.


The attorneys at Stephen S. Sprinkel, Ltd., recognize that probate and intestacy can seem overwhelming, especially for an individual with little experience with the process. The executor, personal representative, or administrator can be held personally liable for inaccuracies or judgments that arise from fraudulent probate matters. Therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced probate lawyer working with you. The attorneys at Stephen S. Sprinkel, Ltd., work to facilitate probate administration responsibly and efficiently while reducing the strain you experience.


Help for Executors and Administrators


The attorneys at Stephen S. Sprinkel, Ltd., provide help to guide you through this complex process, including:


·   Managing collection of the decedent's assets


·   Transferring property and assets into an estate account


·   Challenging debts and liabilities pursued by creditors


·   Allocating assets to any remaining bills


·   Assessing, preparing, and filing state and federal estate tax returns


·   Completing all statutorily mandated filing and notification requirements


·   Ensuring all aspects of the process are completed in compliance with statutory guidelines


·   Facilitating the process accurately to avoid future liability


·   Carrying out the terms of the will


·   Establish trusts


·   Distributing inheritance to heirs or beneficiaries


·   Managing all other legal issues that arise during probate


·   Closing the estate





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